Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rayovac SP4N1LN Sportsman 4-in-1 Lantern

Buy Rayovac SP4N1LN Sportsman 4-in-1 Lantern

Rayovac SP4N1LN Sportsman 4-in-1 Lantern

Rayovac SP4N1LN Sportsman 4-in-1 Lantern Product Description :
Whether you plan on camping, hunting or just spending a quiet evening on your porch, Rayovac has just what you need to brighten up your surroundings. We are proud to introduce the Rayovac Sportsman 4-N-1 Lantern which consists of an LED lantern, two LED handheld flashlights and a LED handheld panel light with stand capability. Both handheld flashlights and panel light are contained within the lantern for easy storage and space efficiency. With the SP4N1LN, you will never need to worry about losing a flashlight again. The SP4N1LN has been ANSI FL1 tested with all corresponding product specifications clearly marked on the packaging. The product performance per individual piece is as follows: LED lantern: 110 lumens, LED flashlight (2 per unit): 25 lumens, LED panel light: 70 lumens. This all-in-one lantern is great for camping, family outings, cross country trips or hiking in your own backyard. Make sure you don't leave home without it. Get out there and see where you're going.
Rayovac SP4N1LN Sportsman 4-in-1 Lantern Features :

  • Four LED lights combined in one convenient location with easy storage and space efficiency
  • LED lights that never need replacing and feature easy push switches on/off
  • 4D LED Lantern: 110 lumens, 46 hour run time; 2AA LED flashlight: 25 lumens, 23 hour run time; 3AAA LED panel light: 70 lumens, 8 hour run time
  • An excellent multi-functional light that every family should have. Great for camping, storm safety, emergency situations and work

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